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Will Writing Services

A Will is a legally binding document which clearly defines who is to benefit from your property and possessions after your death. If you have not written a Will yet, consider writing one today, as without it, the state may decide how your belongings are distributed. The Lawstore provides information and documents relating to making your Will and changing a Will.

After going through a divorce it is always recommended that you either change your Will by Codicil or make a completely new Will. By amending your Will you can ensure that your estate passes to exactly who you want it to once you pass away. If you would like further information or advice on Wills and Probate simply click here.

By writing a Will you can:
  • Decide who inherits and how much
  • Be clear on Inheritance Tax (the current threshold is £325,000)
  • Appoint legal guardians for your children
  • Set up trusts for your children in the event you die before they reach the age of maturity
  • Make funeral Arrangements
  • Appoint executors who can also be appointed as your trustees, though not necessarily the guardians of your children.
Find out more about writing a Will at the LawStore.