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Other Legal Services

Online Divorce Service offers a wide range of other legal services. The following legal services are available:


When going through a divorce, your family home can often be key to resolving your divorce settlement as it is the most substantial asset you have. This can make the family home central to most financial disputes. As a result some divorces may lead to the family home having to be sold. If there is sufficient equity in the marital/partnership home to enable both parties to buy adequate accomodation for your needs, the court could order the family home to be sold. The proceeds from the sale of the home would then be divided between the two parties in order to source alternative accommodation. When there is not enough money to pay for both the mortgage and the outgoings on the matrimonial/partnership home then a sale may be unavoidable.

In cases such as these a conveyancing solicitor or a licensed conveyancer will need to be called upon for both the selling and buying of a property. LawStore Conveyancing understands that the the buying and selling of a property can be both stressfull and time consuming, so we provide straightforward, jargon-free advice every step of the way, helping you to keep your house move on track.
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Legal Advance Membership

Divorce can be a stressful and expensive process. With a MTA Legal Advance Membership you can receive expert legal advice and support from a fully qualified solicitor. In relation to divorce or the ending of a civil partnership, MTA Solicitors LLP can assist in formally ending a marriage through completing the relevant application for a divorce/civil marriage dissolution to the relevant Court. In the case of a divorce, we can assist you in completing the relevant documentation from the initial divorce petition to decree nisi and decree absolute.
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The LawStore provides affordable legal help through its panel of law firms as well as legal document templates online. The LawStore understands that taking the inital step in seeking legal advice about your divorce can be a daunting propsect and prides itself on providing a service tailored to you. The LawStore offers various options dependent on your situation such as divorce packs which can provide a fast and cost effective solution to your issue.

Divorce can often lead to other legal issues such the changing of a childs name or the changing of a Will. Whatever your legal issue the LawStore can assist you with both legal documents and straightforward advice.
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Positive Collections

Divorce can sometimes lead to money problems. Although debt is sometimes taken out in a sole name, many couples may view this as a joint debt and both cover the cost of the debt. However once a relationship breaks down, the person who signed for the credit bill be solely responsible for that debt. This can often cause people to slip further into debt as they may not be able to afford the monthly repayments by themselves.

Positive Collections provides a fully functioning interactive system to manage debt recovery and credit control online. An easy online system allows fast and efficient personal and commercial debt recovery that allows you to stay in control at every stage.
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Will Writing Services

After a divorce, it is recommended that you either change your Will through a Codicil or create and entirely new Will, as your exisiting Will, will most likely stipulate that your spouse is to inherit from your estate. Following on from a divorce, you may wish to change this to suit your most current situation. The LawStore provides a cost effective Will writing service to help ensure your Will says exactly what you want it to say and that your estate passes to the correct people once you pass away.
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