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Divorce Pack For Married Couples - Solicitor Managed

The process of divorce can be a difficult and stressful time for all those involved and this Divorce for Married Couples pack is designed to make the process as quick and simple as possible. The pack includes all the necessary documents including the Divorce Petition required to start the process, along with the rest of the documents that could subsequently be needed which will enable you to manage your own undefended divorce.

This pack includes all the forms needed to manage the three stages of your divorce including – the petition, the decree nisi and the decree absolute. This also includes a Statement of arrangements for children.

Additionally, the Divorce Petition can instead be used to apply for a Judicial Separation, creating an effective separation agreement which can divide your assets, finances and responsibilities like a divorce, while you remain married.

Solicitor Managed Divorce Service - Divorce for Married Couples

This service includes:
  • Free Guides
  • All divorce forms completed by our experienced solicitor.
  • Email support

Legal Forms included in this service:

documentAffidavit for divorce on the grounds of a five year separation
documentAffidavit for divorce on the grounds of a two year separation
documentAffidavit for divorce on the grounds of adultery
documentAffidavit for divorce on the grounds of behaviour
documentAffidavit for divorce on the grounds of desertion
documentApplication for directions for trial (Form D84)
documentDecree nisi to decree absolute
documentDivorce petition
documentStatement of arrangements for children
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Online Divorce Service - Useful information

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