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Change of name deed for a minor

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We can assist in the procedure for changing you or your child's name legally. This will involve creating a legal document to officially change the name, and normally separate documentation for the passport agency. We can also help advise in whether the other parent will need to give consent.

Provided a person does not wish to deceive or defraud anyone, they may call themselves by any name they choose. They may change their name informally and later swear a statement confirming the new name or they may change their name formally by a deed poll. If they wish, they may register the change of their name but there is no obligation. Certain people have an obligation to tell the immigration authorities if they change their name.

There is no requirement for a person to adopt any formality in changing their forename or surname. However, all UK government departments (including the Home Office Passport and Identity service), the DVLA and other official bodies won't recognise a name change unless a formal process is followed, so it is far better to change your name formally. You can do this in several ways: Statutory declaration, Deed poll, Royal licence, Coat of Arms (only Scotland) or Act of Parliament.

This 'DIY Fast Online Self Service' includes:

  • Free Guides
  • Access to our qualified solicitor if you are not sure you have chosen the right service for you.
  • Email support
  • A detailed but plain English guide on how to complete your forms and what to do next.
  • All of the forms you will need to complete the process.

Legal Document included in this service:

documentChange of name deed for minor
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