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Get Divorced Online - With a Solicitors Led Service!

Online Divorce Service is a division of MTA Solicitors, so you can be assured of a Solicitors led service. Unlike most online DIY divorce providers promoting package divorce deals, Online Divorce Service is operated by a firm of solicitors who are regulated by the Solicitors' Regulation Authority (the SRA) and full member of the Law Society of England and Wales.

We provide a streamline, efficient and cost effective online divorce service that is easy to use. Tailored specifically for consumers who wish to manage their own uncontested divorces. This service gives our clients a choice about how they access legal services and manage their legal affairs.

You are in control and have the option of various, easy to use online divorce solutions depending on your situation.

Our effective online divorce service means you can now obtain an uncontested divorce, quickly and cost effectively online, without the costly expense of visiting a high street solicitor. You have the ability to instruct a highly experienced family law solicitor to handle your divorce, over the internet from anywhere in the UK.

The new online divorce service is run by an experienced Family Solicitor at MTA. You have our guarantee that all work will be carried out by her and NOT a paralegal or untrained individual.

By using our online service you remove the need to visit our office which means you do not have to take time out of work, arrange childcare or fit in an appointment into your already busy day! You choose when to contact us. By using our secure client login area you can view your documents at any time of the day or night and download our free guides. By using our online service your divorce will be quicker and will cost you less as our prices are fixed. You don't pay for anything else unless you request it.

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