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Online Divorce Service - Is it right for me?

If the divorce is uncontested, that is to say if you and your spouse both agree to a separation.
If you are legally entitled to a divorce.
If you want to get divorce in either England or Wales, even if either of you are currently living abroad.
If you are happy to use one of our set price online services.
If you want the flexibility of a fully managed online service, secure in the knowledge that is it operated by a solicitor not a paralegal.
If you and your spouse want to complete a divorce via the quickest available route, without visiting a solicitor's office or lengthy court appearances.
If you want a law firm to handle your divorce, without paying law firm prices.
More information can be found in our Divorce Online FAQ's page, but if you can't find what you're looking for, contact us and we will aim to find the right solution for you.

Making the decision to issue a divorce is probably one of the most difficult decisions anyone has to make. understands the emotional upheaval you are going through particularly when there are children and complex assets involved.

We would always recommend that regardless of what decision you make, you should consider taking confidential independent legal advice from one of our experienced solicitors. You can visit us at the LawStore, where we offer a free no obligation, 15 minute consultation; no appointment is necessary, just pop in and ask to speak with one of our family law solicitors.

If you are unsure about whether or not to issue divorce proceedings, there are a number of organisations we have provided on the links below that can help you during this difficult time.
Formerly known as the National Marriage Guidance Council
A qualified counselling service to help clarify how you feel
Advice about getting a divorce
A leading national organisation working with families affected by drugs and alcohol
Specialist family mediation services
Confidential emotional support for people experiencing distress or despair
Divorce Overview